11 Year Anniversary Celebration

Post Date: November 28, 2018

11 Year Anniversary Celebration

We just had our 11th Year Anniversary Celebration! Thank you to all who celebrated with us! Our 1 week celebration was truly a success! Congratulations to all the doctors, staff, and patients who participated! God bless everyone! See you next year! 🎉

Free Services during the 1 week celebration:
• Bone Scan
• Cholesterol
• Spirometry

Free Lectures during the 1 week celebration:
• July 23 – Basic Life Support by Philippine Red Cross
• July 25 – Hypertension and Diabetes
• July 27 – Common Disease in Pregnant Women by Dr. Cortez and Dengue by Dr. Adiao

Free Medical Mission and Raffle on the 28th of July!

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